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Govt of NCT Employees Welfare Association (Regd.)

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Friends after browsing this site you must be having the basic knowlege/idea/aim of our Association.  We would be pleased to meet you and if you join our association.  You can contact any office bearers from the list available on the page - "CONTACT US" to become a member.  But what is important friends that just becoming a member does not serve the purpose to a greater extent.  The Association is facing acute shortage of ACTIVE MEMBERS who volunteer their service to the welfare of Delhi Govt. Employees.  You all must be aware of the agony of ourselves that the case regarding upgradation of scale of GRADE-II (DASS) was pending with the authorities for years but it was decided now only when pursued by this Association.  Dont you think that it is because of our non persuasion and lack of strength. 

Do you think that filling an application form of the Association and submit it to the Association does serve the purpose?  Of course, not, there must be a strong army to defend a big nation and the army having arms and ammuniation but no active soul can not win the battlefield.  So this page is exclusively for those energetic, motivated, and masters who can devote their precious time and manpower for the betterment of our future.


Its better to awake now and work for our future so that we may not relent that we did nothing for the betterment of ourselves in the past.

Friends, it is the need of the hour that we should get united and volunteer our services to the Association and become an ACTIVE MEMBER who would be responsible for executing the plans of the Association and make others aware of the same. You will also be informed of all the meetings of the Association and future agenda and above all feel satisfied that now you have started thinking for the betterment of  yourself and your family and working for the same.

G-17/15, 1st Floor, Sec-15, Rohini, Delhi-110085
United We Stand, Divided We Fall