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Govt of NCT Employees Welfare Association (Regd.)


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Friends, this association has been formed in the year 1998 to fight against the repression of authorities & to claim legitimate rights for the employees. This association is the voice of thousands of D.A.S.S as well as other cadre employees of Delhi Government.    The authorities of this state have never heard the voice of DASS cadre.  We have no representation at any forum at any level of organization neither at the level of Local Govt. or at the level of Central Govt.  Since IIIrd Pay Commission the downfall of D.A.S.S. cadre has started and continued in successive pay commissions in comparison to other nomenclatures, we have been neglected a lot.
            We are working at the mercy of the authorities.  The employees from the level of Class-IV to Grade-I and all are divided in bits and pieces.  This is the only cause of our miseries that not even a single front is concerned with the unity and will of the force.  We are a force if we are united.
            At third commission The Gr. II (DASS)/Steno were at par with the pay scale of Assistants/Steno of Central govt. and S.I. of Delhi Police or      Inspector but we have been pushed back in the 4th commission and then in the 5th commission we were thrown to the bottom.  This was not done upon any work-study but because of lack of representation due to lack of our unity.
            We all know that Grade-III does not get promoted even in one generation.  In DASS cadre a clerk retires as a clerk.  There is no difference between duties and responsibilities of Grade-II and Grade-III but still a Grade-III has to work about 23 years to be promoted to Grade-II.  There is only one remedy to this problem and that is restructuring the cadre which was promised in 1993, the last J.C.M. of the Delhi Govt. but no action has since then been taken.
            Friends, if a shopkeeper charges a price of good but is unable to deliver it in the promised form then he can be pulled to the consumer court which is part of Delhi govt.  Where should we go when our own authorities are cheating us in the name of DGHS?  On one hand Officers get their loved ones be treated in Apollo or Escort, while politicians has the privilege to go abroad for treatment without paying anything. And on the other, we the subscribers of the said scheme, who pay for the medical scheme, have to run from pillar to post to get unnecessary approvals etc., behind the files leaving the loved ones uncared and curse our fate.  Can we call this scheme the one instituted for our welfare?
            Friends do we have any transfer posting policy in the Delhi Govt. Services The authorities says that it is the prerogative of the services department to post any official anywhere and for any amount of time.  Thank God our military don’t have the officers of the likes of the services department otherwise some military man would have been appointed and posted at Siachin Glacier and they might retire from there.  Isn’t this practice a cause of corruption?
            Friends, we are the employees of the Government of the capital of the world’s biggest democracy.  Are not we treated on the whims & fancies of the authorities? To change the picture, We have to rise to our feet to get our rights.  We have to roar our voice loud & clear. We must stand and help our friends to get up, as it is already late, don’t make it too late.
            Do write to us, join us, give the feedback of your suggestions, inform us of events of harassment/suppression by the authorities, if any, It is assured that all possible steps will be taken to ensure safety of your rights.

G-17/15, 1st Floor, Sec-15, Rohini, Delhi-110085
United We Stand, Divided We Fall